WeCare TLC


Our company mission is to have our clinics be trusted medical homes through improving employee health and wellness; and to gain and maintain our clients’ confidence, good faith, reliance and trust.


WeCare TLC is a medical risk management firm that implements and manages onsite or near-site workplace health centers to help clients save money on health care costs while improving the health and wellness of the company’s employees and their families.


It’s an effective strategy to reduce medical risks and improve health, while also reducing health care costs. Medical risk management means using a data-driven approach to continually evaluate employees’ historical and current health claims in order to customize offerings, add services or more tightly manage the network – all with an eye to improving worker health and driving down costs.


After all, the ultimate goal of making the investment in a clinic, and all that it entails, is to have it save money on your current and future health care costs, while improving health outcomes at the same time.


WeCare TLC’s founders are veterans of the medical risk management industry. When they assessed the industry as a whole, they saw a failure to take advantage of proven medical management techniques, technology, data analytics, and the know-how to effectively manage medical professionals. As a result, WeCare TLC has built its reputation by acting as a trusted partner with their clients, taking a holistic view of the risk, facilitating better patient care, and producing significant health care savings. At WeCare TLC, we are passionate about our jobs and take enormous pride in seeing how much money we save our clients, as well as seeing a great improvement in the lives of their employees.

Visit them at https://wecaretlc.com/