Seminole County Chamber

The mission of the Seminole County Chamber is to serve the interest of our members and the business community by providing programs, services and leadership to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in our community.  Our chamber membership includes most of the top businesses in the region. Our board is built on proven leadership in our community. Our staff is comprised of the most dedicated chamber staff anywhere. We’re here to help you meet the needs of your business and reach your goals  through your investment in the Seminole County Chamber.

In 2019, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce designated the Seminole County Chamber with an accredited status. This follows our designation by the Florida Association of Chamber Professional’s Certified Plus designation in 2015. We are just the second chamber in the four-county area to be accredited and we were the first to receive the Certified Plus designation.

These designations recognizes high standards in all aspects of business, from innovation to following strict standard operating procedures. Included in the application are details of every portion of the chamber’s business, including organization management, professional administration, financial management and marketing/public relation.

Only 15 chambers in Florida have received accreditation by the U.S. Chamber and only 16 chambers in Florida have received the Certified Plus designation.

We are…

The Seminole County Chamber is more than just a chamber, it is a collection of great organizations, great leaders and great staff focused on ensuring you meet the goals of your business while enhancing our broader community. Here are a few highlights of our chamber:

  • More than 700 members employing more than 30,000 individuals
  • Nearly two dozen trustee members, including companies like Walt Disney World, AT&T, Fairwinds, Duke Energy and more.
  • A board representing businesses of all sizes, from individual proprietors to international conglomerates.
  • A staff focused on creating great events, developing membership involvement, building unique programs and focused on ROI
  • A structure of member benefits that are based on investment and goals, not just the size of your business
  • A strong connection to the local and state government entities, such as the Florida Legislature, Seminole County Public Schools and the Seminole County Commission.


The Seminole County Chamber is designed to assist you in meeting your business goals. We represent the top voices in business and government and want you to join us. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help you.