LiquidTech Chemicals Corporation

LiquidTech Chemicals Corporation is a multi-dimensional chemical company specializing in safe, yet highly effective cleaning and sanitization products plus a full line of state-of-the-art car care products. Our sanitization products include hand sanitizers for you and your family’s personal use, as well as sanitizers that disinfect, clean, and protect your car’s interior, as well as other hard surfaces. Products are sold via eCommerce, retail stores, and through detailing and car wash companies.

LiquidTech was founded by two Fortune 500 executives who understand the principles of good customer service, a good product, and continuous improvement. Unlike other smaller chemical providers, LiquidTech is solely focused on the customer and the small and medium businesses we support.

Our pledge to our customers, be it an end-user or business is, “we leave no man behind”!

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